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Specialised in software testing services dedicated to elevate product quality. We have two core principles around which our approach revolves and they are “early and frequent testing” and “strategic test cycle planning”.

Test Automation

Automating software testing processes to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness

Microservices Testing

Testing independent microservices to ensure their functionality, scalability, and reliability

Web API Testing

Evaluating and validating web APIs for functionality, performance, reliability and security

Performance Testing

Evaluating system performance under varying conditions to optimize speed and responsiveness

Security Testing

Identifying vulnerabilities and safeguarding systems against security threats and breaches

Load Testing

Assessing system capacity and performance under heavy loads to ensure reliability

Quality Engineering Services

Our team is specialised in software testing services dedicated to elevate product quality. We have two core principles around which our approach revolves and they are “early and frequent testing” and “strategic test cycle planning”. Our team comprises skilled engineers with extensive expertise in assessing end-to-end workflows and meticulously executing diverse test scenarios. What sets us apart is our strong commitment to independent testing, driven by innovative techniques and the latest technology trends.

Our commitment to excellence extends to world-class software testing practices tailored to enhance time-to-market efficiency and product quality. We prioritise to provide higher test coverage and accurate deliverables. However, what truly differentiates us is our ability to create tailor-made testing guidelines for organisations. These guidelines ensure cost efficiency, optimal utilisation of QA resources, and the mitigation of failure risks.

Test Automation Services

Nandi Logix’s comprehensive suite of test automation services includes the entire spectrum, beginning with meticulous planning and the delineation of testing scope, progressing to tool selection, and encompassing ongoing maintenance of your test automation environment. Nandi Logix’s well-trained automation architects are experts at assessing the intricacies of test automation architecture, smoothly integrating it into your CI/CD pipeline, and aligning the automation strategy with the various stages of development.

Test automation strategy and development

Our expertise extends to help you through every phase of the process. We work with you to precisely define the automation scope, expertly select the most fitting tools, craft meticulous test scripts and smoothly integrate them into your workflow. Our main goal is to supercharge your software development process, ensuring efficiency and top-notch quality every step of the way.

Cloud-based test automation

Discover the potential for accelerated development with our cloud-based test automation services. Harness the advantages of comprehensive test coverage across various platforms and the ability to conduct parallel testing. Bid farewell to concerns about infrastructure costs and embrace scalability to ensure ongoing and robust quality assurance.

Test automation tools evaluation

Reap advantage from impartial evaluations by our experts, ensuring that the selected tools align smoothly with your technology requirements and organisational objectives. Embark on your automation journey without encountering any difficulty along the way.

Test automation framework design and development

Get exceptional test automation performance through the power of a well-crafted framework. Collaborate with our QA experts to craft a framework tailored to your unique business requirements. By setting these standards upfront, you ensure uninterrupted, efficient services that offers consistent, top-tier results.

Microservices Testing

In our microservices testing services,we have a strategic approach from the beginning, focusing on key software testing KPIs during the design phase. These KPIs surround factors such as the granularity of test cases, runtime efficiency, maintainability of test scripts, and more. We firmly believe that a well-defined strategy sets the foundation for a successful testing process. We assemble a dedicated team of microservices testing experts, comprising QA managers and test automation architects. Their initial focus is to meticulously assess and prioritise test scenarios for automation, ultimately creating a robust test strategy plan. Our microservices testing team is equipped to handle the end-to-end testing process, including setting up the test environment, generating test data and designing precise test cases.

Unit testing

We have a commitment to deliver the finest software to your end-users, achieved through meticulous unit testing for every microservice. Our proficient quality analysts break down your application’s functionality into various testable units, leaving no aspect unexamined to guarantee uncompromised quality.

Functional testing

Ensure a smooth and consistent user experience, even amidst a multitude of backend microservices. Our team meticulously stimulates and enhances all potential user interactions through functional testing of microservices, leaving no aspect overlooked.

Integration testing

Create an application that smoothly embodies your unique business logic, fostering efficient interactions and collaboration among microservices. We guarantee that services adhere to well-defined contracts, facilitating communication through gateways, and automating tests to ensure through integration testing.

Non-functional testing

Ensure the safety of your application from detrimental user experiences and fine-tune its performance through non-functional testing. We guarantee that your application excels beyonds its intended functionality, encompassing critical aspects such as stress tolerance, response time, resource utilisation, and volumetric capacity.

API Testing

As contemporary architecture evolves, organisations must place a heightened emphasis on ensuring the smooth functionality of APIs across their entire spectrum. This surrounds a broad range of components, including cloud services, mobile solutions, and various business applications, each adhering to specific communication protocols such as XML, REST, SOAP, and others. Our specialised team of QA managers possesses expertise in diverse API protocols and boasts a deep reservoir of knowledge and hands-on experience in validating end-to-end applications. As a premier software testing company, we use the latest tools designed for API testing, enabling us to conduct comprehensive assessments covering functional, security and load testing aspects.

API performance testing

In the realm of web services, our API testing services includes strategic functional and load testing to guarantee the steadfast performance of your APIs post-deployment. Our end-to-end solution is designed to verify your APIs functionality across a spectrum of load conditions, enduring consistent and reliable performance.

API automation testing

API automation testing offers the scalability you need, enabling continuous testing of integration routines. Our seasoned team of QA experts excels in constructing automated test suites tailored to harness the full potential of automation, providing you with a competitive benefit.

API security testing

We safeguard your APIs, protecting them from the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. Our comprehensive API security testing services employ best strategies that includes authentication, permissions, access controls, and every facet of API security, ensuring your digital assets remain safely.

Web API testing

Our web services API testing expertise spans a decade including meticulous testing of SOAP and REST APIs. Discover unparalleled business success by experiencing advanced web applications powered by highly efficient web APIs.

Performance testing

Performance testing holds a pivotal role in Nandi Logix’s suite of software QA testing services, serving as a key determinant of overall application stability. Our expertise extends across a wide array of applications, surrounding complex transaction systems, client-server applications, cloud databases, and more. Our team offers a comprehensive performance testing solution meticulously designed to scrutinise every facet that contributes to an application’s responsiveness, accessibility, and scalability, all with the end goal of enhancing the user experience. Prominent components within our performance testing arsenal includes stress handling, load testing, benchmarking, endurance checks, and other deliverables like stability testing, scalability testing, reusable performance test scripts, analysis of test results, and many more.

Stress, Spike and Endurance Tests

Conduct rigorous testing to determine your application’s resilience under extreme workloads, identifying its breaking point. Nandi Logix empowers your teams with comprehensive insights into your application’s capability, enabling them to skillfully manate unexpected surges in traffic and maintain optima performance.

High Availability testing

Track the amount of time at which your application becomes available to users. Our expert teams employ advanced measurements and formulas to offer in-depth insights into your application’s repair time, ensuring consistent and reliable functionality.

Regression testing

Achieve valuable insights into codebase performance amid frequent changes by the help of our regression testing solutions. We facilitate the adoption of tried-and-tested test cases and tools, effectively preventing application breakdowns and cost overruns.

Scalability testing

Embrace a resilient scalability testing strategy with our company, empowering your application with maximum flexibility. We help you in effortlessly accommodating abrupt surges in both frontend and backend user loads, protecting your system from potential failovers.

Security testing

Our security testing services are committed to fortifying applications, making them impervious to security vulnerabilities and ensuring the utmost safety for users. Our application security testing strategy places paramount importance on preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and sensitivity of your data, leaving no space for compromise. Moreover, We rigorously verify that your application adheres to the requisite security regulations and compliance standards. Our seasoned testing professionals assist our customers to identify critical areas of concern, establish testing priorities and deploy tailored strategies. This approach expedites the testing process, bolstering your applications against potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

Application Security Testing

Organise a thorough vulnerability assessment through our application security testing services and uncover concealed security vulnerabilities that may jeopardise your application’s safety. We ensure ongoing security operations throughout the software development lifecycle, safeguarding against unauthorised access and preserving the integrity of your application.

Network Penetration Testing

Our network security testing is engineered to delve deep into your network’s security vulnerabilities. We specialise in revealing hidden cyber security threats that often go unnoticed in manual vulnerability testing. Our skilled penetration testers have the ability to identify even the most subtle weaknesses in your network infrastructure, providing insights for further optimisation and strengthening your cybersecurity defences.

Cloud Application Security Testing

Ensuring the security of your cloud-based applications is as important as safeguarding local ones. Empower your cloud applications to withstand cybersecurity threats by implementing a robust defensive security framework through Nandi Logix’s cutting-edge cloud security testing solutions.

Source Code Review

Leverage our security code review services for comprehensive security audits and integrated code analysis. Get a meticulous review of every code push, ensuring vulnerability management by verifying the effective implementation of crucial security controls throughout your software development lifecycle.

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